Scared Fishless Tackle Company was officially launched in 2009 in Portage,  Pennsylvania.  I had previously been making my own tackle for a number of years and enjoyed doing it.  I would give all my fishing spinners and jigs away when I would go trout fishing and everyone seemed to like the products that I made.  Eventually, some guys started telling me, “why don’t you start selling this stuff?”, “these lures work great, why the hell don’t you go into business?”  That got the gears turning and I said to myself, “why the hell don’t I start up a business?”  So i got some money together, some supplies and a business partner. We then started making up spinners and jigs for trout and bass and drove around to all the little mom and pop bait shops asking if they would be interested, low and behold they were!  And wouldn’t you know it, our stuff sold quite well and has acquired quite the local following.  The next adventure for Scared Fishless is to get out to the general public all over the world with this website.  Every year we get bigger and we hope that this will really open the door for us.  We keep coming up with new products to offer and hope to keep doing that with the help of you, our customers.  Give us your feedback.  What works for you guys?  What would you guys like to see us produce?  We invite you to join the Scared Fishless family and let us be your custom, hand made tackle provider!  And we promise you will “Never be Scared to go home Fishless again!!”